Make your little princess’s dreams come true with this eye-catching dollhouse cake. Using BAKERS Boudoir® biscuits, BAKERS Gossips® wafers, BAKERS Iced Zoo® biscuits, BAKERS Tennis® biscuits, BAKERS Mini Tennis® biscuits and BAKERS Jambos® biscuits. Who guessed that building a house could be so easy?



1 x vanilla sheet cake

1  x bowl butter icing

2 x 200 g packets BAKERS Boudoir® biscuits

1 x 100 g packet BAKERS Gossips® Chocolate wafers

1 x 150g packet BAKERS Iced Zoo® biscuits

2 x 200 g packets BAKERS Tennis® biscuits

1 x 40g packet BAKERS  Mini Tennis® biscuits

2 x 125 g packets BAKERS Jambos® biscuits

1 x  box Smarties

coloured sugar


  1. To make vanilla sheet cake bake a rectangular cake according to any recipe.
  2. Cut two rectangles and a triangular shape out of the cake.
  3. Using a cake board stack the rectangles on top of each other, spreading a thin layer of icing between them.
  4. Spread the top rectangle with icing and place the triangle on top.
  5. Cover the entire house with icing.
  6. Starting on the triangle, place BAKERS Boudoir® biscuits on the cake to create the roof and use BAKERS Gossips® wafer to create a chimney.
  7. Using BAKERS Tennis® biscuits and BAKERS Mini Tennis® biscuits cover the house.
  8. Remember to leave a space for windows and a door.
  9. Place BAKERS Iced Zoo® biscuits on the cake as windows and use a BAKERS Gossips® wafer with a Smartie as the door.
  10. Make a pathway leading to the front door with BAKERS Jambos® biscuits and decorate the garden.
  11. Sprinkle coloured sugar in the garden to complete the house.

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