I spy with my little eye, ghostly Bakers Tennis® Choc Mint biscuit chunks! Using dark and white chocolate, your kids can easily make these boo-tiful chunks of yumminess – just in time for Halloween!



1 x 200 g Bakers Tennis® Choc Mint Biscuits

1 large slab dark chocolate

1 regular slab white chocolate

Edible silver confetti balls

Spooky Halloween decorations



  1. Melt dark chocolate and white chocolate in separate bowls until pouring consistency
  2. Lay out Bakers Tennis® Choc /mint biscuits into a grid on a baking tray
  3. Pour melted dark chocolate on the tennis biscuits until fully covered in a thin layer of chocolate on the top side of the biscuit
  4. Use the melted white chocolate to create ghostly figures on top of the melted dark chocolate.
  5. Use more of the dark chocolate to add in the eyes and mouths
  6. Sprinkle with edible silver confetti balls and allow to set in the fridge
  7. Once the chocolate has reset, remove from the fridge and break apart into chunks and enjoy!