Do something different with chicken and BAKERS Mini Cheddars®! Serve up with salad for a light lunch or serve up on a platter.

Makes 18


1 x 33 g packet of BAKERS Mini Cheddars®

65 ml low-fat cream cheese

30 ml finely chopped green spring onion tops

15 ml finely grated gingerroot

15 ml finely chopped garlic

5 – 10 ml finely chopped green chillies

2 chicken breast fillets

lemon juice

salt and milled black pepper

½ an English cucumber

250 ml mayonnaise (about)

whole coriander leaves



  1. Crush the BAKERS Mini Cheddars® finely and mix well with the cheese, spring onion, ginger, garlic and chilli.
  2. Halve the chicken breasts lengthways and place each piece between two sheets of plastic.
  3. Tenderise by beating with a rolling-pin until thin then season all with the lemon juice, salt and pepper.
  4. Spread each piece of chicken with the biscuit mixture and roll up lengthways. Secure with toothpicks.
  5. Grill in a griddle pan until cooked through, remove from pan and allow to cool.
  6. To serve, slice the cucumber into ½ cm slices and arrange on a serving platter.
  7. Slice the chicken rolls into thin diagonal slices and arrange 2 or more slices on each cucumber slice.
  8. Top with a dollop of mayonnaise and a coriander leaf before serving.

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