BAKERS®, the first choice in biscuits for over 150 years, remains a favourite in the lives and homes of all South Africans.

When asked about BAKERS®, South Africans are reminded of the tasty biscuits they have grown up with or a delicious dessert made with our very own BAKERS® biscuits, all filled with the fondest memories.

The long list of BAKERS® biscuits caters to South Africans of all ages everyone has their favourite: Tennis®, Eet-Sum-Mor®, Boudoir®, Blue Label® Marie, Red Label® Lemon Creams, Romany Creams®, Strawberry Whirls®, Iced Zoo®, Topper® and the favourite at Christmas time, Choice Assorted® packed with all your favourites.

The BAKERS® range also includes your much loved selection of delicious savoury biscuits like: Provita®, Cream Crackers, Mini Cheddars®, Salticrax®, Crackerbread®, Kips®, Wheatsworth®, Vitasnacks® and Snacktime® – creating a range of BAKERS® products for everyone and every occasion.

The range carries with it the BAKERS® promise of quality, baked with the best ingredients and a touch of BAKERS® magic

To find out more, whip up a delicious BAKERS® recipe or just bring back memories, visit the BAKERS® website or follow us on Facebook, for the best way to keep up-to-date with the latest news within the BAKERS® world.


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